The Submersible Amalgam lamps are available in 40 and 80 watts.
This Submersiblel UV has one big advantage over conventional UVC lamps
These types of lamps have no resistance.
The Submersiblel UVC lamps can be mounted in filter housings,
so that the water can flow along without resistance.
This unit is supplied in three parts: the lamp, the quartz glass and the electronic ballast.
The UV-C Device has a standard hour counter that indicates when the UV-C lamp must be replaced.
The Lamp still has 80% of the original light output after 16,000 burning hours.
Below the data of the lightech lamps.
Data Lamp Lighttech T5 80W Am Lighttech T5 40W Am
UV Output 253,7nm 253,7nm
Intensity @ 1m 220 µW/cm2 110 µW/cm2
Rated Average life 16000 h 16.000 h
Output end of life 80% 80%

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